How Burgaw Middle School uses positive social media education to prepare students for a successful future

This case study explores how Burgaw Middle School successfully integrated The Social Institute’s modern SEL curriculum to help transform school culture. Burgaw Middle School is a Title I public school located in the rural coastal plains of eastern North Carolina. Serving approximately 250 6th-8th grade students, Burgaw draws from a small, tight-knit community and ranks among the top 20% for diversity across all public middle schools in North Carolina. Halfway through a 2020-21 academic year defined by soaring screen time, Burgaw reported zero student incidents related to social media and technology. 


Burgaw Middle School’s Challenges

  • How do we incorporate social media and technology education into SEL in a way that resonates with students?
  • How do we prioritize social media education within a limited and restricted budget?
  • How do we easily integrate SEL into an established academic schedule?
  • How do we enhance culture without relying on reactive, negative messaging?