How All Saints Episcopal School is leveraging #WinAtSocial Insights to make data-informed decisions that strengthen school community

All Saints Episcopal School is an independent school for students in preschool through 12th grade. Offering a challenging, innovative curriculum in a nurturing, Christian environment, All Saints focuses on helping each student identify his or her individual talents and areas of interest and then teaches students how to build on those gifts for a lifetime of success. The result is a school where creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and students are engaged, equipped, and ready to lead into the 21st Century. This case study explores how All Saints Episcopal School is implementing #WinAtSocial Insights to make data-driven decisions that will benefit students, empower faculty, and improve student-educator relationships.

All Saints Episcopal School’s Challenges

  • How can we assess student well-being and trends to give school leaders actionable insights?
  • How can school leaders make data-informed decisions about school policy, teaching, and school culture to improve school culture?
  • How do we cultivate high-character decision-making, resilience, life skills, and school culture in a way that aligns with our biblical worldview?
  • How do we empower students to navigate social media and technology in healthy ways?

All Saints Episcopal