August 23, 2020

The Social Institute announces fall topics for their real-time SEL curriculum, #WinAtSocial LIVE

August 20, 2020: Durham, N.C. – The Social Institute (TSI) unveiled five topics that will be featured this fall in #WinAtSocial LIVE, their social-emotional learning curriculum that helps students address trending, current events. #WinAtSocial LIVE is an enhanced offering to TSI’s #WinAtSocial Curriculum, which provides K12 schools nationwide with student-led, gamified lessons that empower students to navigate their social world — including social media and technology.

TSI announced five highly anticipated #WinAtSocial LIVE topics: 

  • Playing up the positives as we return to school
  • Activating our interests in the 2020 Election
  • Increasing environmental awareness around the Paris Agreement
  • Finding credible news sources during the 2020 Election
  • Assessing our role in cancel culture

The first fall lesson, Playing up the positives as we return to school, will debut on Monday, August 24. TSI Founder and CEO Laura Tierney shared, “We’ve heard from students and educators from across the country that there is unprecedented anxiety and fatigue as they start fall 2020. We crafted this lesson to help empower communities to start the school year with a positive, open-minded mentality. Our goal is to help teachers and families facilitate thoughtful, empowering conversations with students as we all move forward together.”  

Throughout the fall semester, The Social Institute will produce three lessons per month in partnership with a team of TSI Student Ambassadors and a Research Advisory Committee consisting of psychologists, mental health specialists, and social-emotional learning experts. 

All #WinAtSocial LIVE lessons are designed with the expressed purpose of empowering students to explore key issues impacting their social and emotional health in positive, constructive ways. “All topics for LIVE are inspired by the meaningful conversations we’re having each week with a talented and diverse group of student leaders across the country.” We are thrilled to continue to serve our K12 communities with #WinAtSocial LIVE,” said Co-founder and CTO, Maria Jankovics. 

More on the five announced #WinAtSocial topics: 

  • The first level, Playing up the positives as we return to school, focuses on strategies to encourage optimism, build empathy, and embrace change as students return to school against the backdrop of communities still impacted by COVID-19.
  • Activating our interests in the 2020 Election represents one among a series of lessons designed around the upcoming national election. This lesson will spotlight the immense opportunity for young voices to be heard and will identify the various ways students can exercise civic responsibility, beyond simply voting.
  • While media literacy is addressed within the broader #WinAtSocial curriculum, Finding credible news sources during the 2020 Election specifically considers common forms of misinformation, spin, and bias prevalent during election cycles. This LIVE lesson will provide the critical tools essential to sift through misinformation that circulates and spreads unchecked in the fast-paced age of social media.
  • On November 4 — the day after the election — the United States is scheduled to officially exit the Paris Agreement. Increasing environmental awareness around the Paris Agreement will highlight a growing number of influential student environmental activists around the world before honing in on smaller ways to make an impact in schools and communities.
  • The fifth topic announced, Assessing our role in cancel culture, investigates the symbols, organizations, and individuals more heavily scrutinized during a time of significant self-reflection throughout the country. Students will reflect upon the key factors driving these decisions and examine their own role in determining course of action.

#WinAtSocial LIVE was originally launched in spring 2020 as a remote advisory solution to address the challenges faced during remote learning as a result of COVID-19. Each #WinAtSocial LIVE lesson enables students to self-reflect, learn from their peers, become more aware of their position on different issues, hear from positive mentors, and continue the conversation at home with their family.

TSI founder and CEO Laura Tierney announced the five new topics during the final session of The Social Institute’s first-ever #WinAtSocial Summit, a virtual two-day event featuring 18 sessions and education leaders from across the country including senior administrators, teachers, counselors, and students.

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About The Social Institute

The Social Institute partners with schools nationwide to empower students, parents, and educators to navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology positively through comprehensive, gamified lessons that meet students on their level. We have partnered with forward-thinking institutions across the nation, including Ravenscroft School, Gaston Day School, Miss Porter’s School, Gilman School, Woodward Academy, U.S. Olympic athletes, Duke Men’s Basketball, ESPN, and others. For more information, contact us.