January 29, 2021

Recommended #WinAtSocial Curriculum lessons for February

We’re always here to help educators facilitate timely lessons to meet the needs of their students. While facilitators can run all of our evergreen curriculum lessons at any point, we recognize that some are more relevant than others, depending on the time of year. 

We mapped every lesson in 4th-12th grade to a specific month on our Curriculum Calendar to provide more options for our partners. With that as our guide, here are our recommended lessons for every grade February.

Remember, this is simply one suggestion. We want all of our partners to utilize whichever strategy works best for them. 

4th Grade: Game-planning to get the most out of our day

Standard: Strike A Balance

Did you know the average person loses two hours per day due to distractions? This lesson encourages students to identify common daily distractions and explore ways to limit distractions and set priorities. They’ll also learn from the example set forth by NBA superstar Stephen Curry who deletes social media during the playoffs to avoid unnecessary distractions.

5th Grade: Balancing your time on devices to reach our goals

Standard: Strike A Balance

In this lesson, students will learn five benefits of technology in the classroom and tech tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Many students are still learning the ropes with new devices, including some who may have received one over the holidays. This lesson encourages students to build healthy habits and strike a balance.

6th Grade: Working together to address challenges in society 

Standard: Use Your Mic For Good

This lesson inspires students to help address challenges in the community by discussing how to become more knowledgeable about personally relevant issues. Related articles, accessible within every lesson plan on WinAtSocial.com to provide further context, includes a New York Times piece on how students throughout history have led movements to spark long-term change. Understanding the importance of civic engagement sits at the heart of this Use Your Mic For Good lesson.

7th Grade: Rebounding from posts that cross the line 

Standard: Play To Your Core

“You post a 24-hour Instagram story, making a joke about your teacher and trying to be funny. You later realize what you said crossed the line, and now you’re worried someone might have a screenshot. What do you do?”

That’s one of the questions posed in this lesson, which offers students the opportunity to engage in ways to proactively prevent similar scenarios and reflect on strategies to grow and learn from mistakes. 

8th Grade: Building and protecting a positive reputation on social media 

Standard: Play To Your Core

Throughout the spring, eighth-grade students are preparing for the life-altering transition into high school. This lesson presents strategies for building positive reputations online and challenges students to consider how their actions on social media impact future opportunities.

One example? When asked about the most meaningful ways to show humility when posting about accomplishments on social media, 56% of students say “acknowledging anyone who helped fuel their accomplishments.”

9th Grade: Building trust while respecting boundaries with explicit content 

Standard: Protect Your Privacy Like You’re Famous

Research shows that the pressure to balance boundaries with relationships amps up for young people around Valentine’s Day. As ninth graders continue to navigate high school pressures, this lesson gives students the chance to analyze the pressures behind sending, receiving, and forwarding semi-nude nude or nude photos. 

10th Grade: Investigating how we are subtly influenced by people who surround us 

Standard: Find Your Influencers

Throughout 10th grade, many students turn 16 years old, which introduces more freedom and the opportunities to expand social experiences beyond their close circles. Almost half of 10th graders playing #WinAtSocial (47%) say they most often see peers follow the crowd when hanging out with people they don’t know well. Through this lesson, students will learn why people follow groups and how to find positive role models.

11th Grade: Connecting with mentors proactively before needing an internship or job

Standard: Find Your Influencers

“It’s not just what you know. It’s who you know.” It’s difficult to overstate the importance of building connections. At this stage, 11th-grade students are preparing to enhance their resumes for life beyond high school, with college applications now on the horizon within the next year. This lesson teaches strategies for exploring potential career interests and tips for initiating potential mentors as students begin more seriously contemplating the future.

12th Grade: Sharpening our ability to listen, ask smart questions and interview 

Standard: Find Your Influencers

Do you have students with college acceptance interviews scheduled for February or March ahead of spring acceptance decisions? This lesson equips students with strategies for sharpening their interview skills. One of the related articles provided offers 34 questions to ask at the end of an interview in order to leave a powerful positive impression.

We hope these recommended lessons add value and help align the #WinAtSocial Curriculum to fit your students’ specific needs. We’re always here to help and honored to work with you to find creative ways to integrate these lessons into your curriculum. Please feel free to contact us.

Let’s do this!