May 20, 2022

Elevating student voice through The Social Institute’s Student Ambassador program

Today’s K-12 students are growing up in a world completely influenced by social media and tech – a world completely different than any generation has ever seen. The long term effects of nearly constant tech use, social media as a social outlet, and access to all information is barely known. But here at The Social Institute we already know far more than most, with the largest real-time database of student experience data. 

Students connect, share, tweet, swipe, DM, and more, hearing about apps and social trends long before parents and teachers. We’re here to help families and teachers keep up, and better understand student experiences so that they can be excellent role models themselves and support the next generation.

We work with students everyday so that our content, from our social media posts to our gamified #WinAtSocial Curriculum that teaches students to navigate social media and tech in positive ways, always resonates with students. We do this through our Student Ambassador Program, which ensures our lessons and content always pass the snicker test and resonate with students. Read on to learn more about how we elevate student voice with our Student Ambassador Program.

What is The Social Institute’s Student Ambassador Program

The Social Institute’s Student Ambassador Program brings together 4th grade through 12th grade students to collaborate and discuss the latest trends on social media, tech, and current events that impact them and their social world. These discussions are a key ingredient to successful #WinAtSocial Lessons. Throughout the year, Student Ambassadors are empowering students across the country to use social media in positive, high-character ways, building their network, and speaking up about their own experiences online. 

What does a Student Ambassador do?

Our Student Ambassadors gather together twice a month on a Zoom call with our Lesson Development team to brainstorm and provide feedback on lessons and content, share and talk through student experiences, and work on special projects for a variety of teams at TSI. But, the list doesn’t stop there. As a Student Ambassador, students:

  • Share the latest social media and technology trends. These student insights help us better understand students so that our curriculum is always relevant, always engaging, and always respected by students.
  • Participate in open and honest conversations with other students about social behaviors, trends, and relevant current events. The Student Ambassador Program is an open forum for students to discuss their daily experiences, both online and offline. Hearing from other students about their online and social experiences inspires students and us to consider new ways we can use social media and tech.
  • Connect with positive role models. Our Student Ambassadors range from from 4th grade to 12th grade from schools across the country. This gives students the opportunity to interact with those from different backgrounds or who have difference experiences, find mentors, engage in conversation, and learn from each other. 
  • Design meaningful content that inspires change or positive social media and tech use. We often empower our Student Ambassadors to produce videos, graphics, and more that we feature within our #WinAtSocial Curriculum and on social media.
  • Develop leadership skills. Through collaboration and teamwork, student ambassadors communicate with one another to create positive change and impact content that reaches thousands of students across the country. 

What our Student Ambassadors love most about the program:

Student Ambassadors love being a part of this impactful program. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. We asked them what they love most about being a TSI Student Ambassador. Check out what some of them had to say below!

I get to have my voice heard and understood. I feel like I am really helping the community. 

      -Gerret, Grade 11

I enjoy meeting other students of all ages and backgrounds from across the country to gain a larger understanding of what students experience. 

      – Ryan, Grade 10

I am enjoying being able to collaborate as a team and work together to make an impact. I also like how everyone collaborates together and builds off of each other’s ideas. 

      – Ruby, Grade 5

I enjoy the enthusiasm. I’ve been included in such a short amount of time here, but it’s something I can feel right away. As we are all here with a purpose. 

     – Nico, Grade 9

I like that we’re helping to make a positive impact on our generation and I love the open conversations we get to have.

     – Calvin, Grade 8 

I like that TSI brings up different conversations that are applicable to a variety of age groups in the modern world. I also enjoy that ambassadors from different backgrounds can collaborate to make the lessons more engaging. 

     – Jessica, Grade 11

I enjoy talking about important subjects within our generation and society today. People can agree and disagree, but everyone is accepted. 

     – Odeyah, Grade 8 

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded students that are passionate about initiating social change

     – Riya, Grade 10 

I love participating in the impactful conversations we have as a group and helping to shape our generation! 

     – Mari, Grade 11

I enjoy meeting other students and getting along with them to better our social lives.

     – Mason, Grade 10

Do you know a student who may be interested in joining our program? Encourage them to apply today and join us as we empower students and change the way the world uses social media and tech. 

The Social Institute (TSI) is the leader in understanding student experiences and creator of #WinAtSocial, a gamified, online learning platform that equips students, educators, and families to navigate social experiences — online and offline — in healthy ways. Our unique, student-respected approach incorporates topics like social media, technology use, and current events that have a significant impact on student well-being.  Lessons teach life skills for the modern day to inspire high-character decisions that support the health, happiness, and future success of students. For schools, our turnkey technology allows for easy implementation and a comprehensive game plan to support the well-being of school communities.