Empowering Brands and Leaders


Are you or your team members:

  • Leveraging social to drive engagement and growth, even when you’re pressed for time?
  • Learning from fans and customers to spark innovation?
  • Always aware of the latest technologies and platforms?
  • Looking to strengthen professional relationships?

Social media is critical in today’s connected world. While many leaders are intimidated by social and don’t make time for it, studies show that the more engaged they are, the more people trust their organization’s brand. Social media puts a face and voice to your leadership position and to your organization.

The Social Institute helps role models (from executive leaders to Olympic athletes) stay at the cutting edge in personal branding and digital engagement. In 2016, our work with Duke Men’s Basketball catapulted the social media account to become the #1 followed college sports account on social media. Our work with C-suite executives has strengthened their online reputation and their ability to build key relationships. 

Whether you have 2 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 team members to dedicate to social media each day, let us help you (and your team) play your best. 

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Here’s who we also help…

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parents
Need an easy way to stay ahead of the curve on all things social media? From our Social Locker Room to our free resources, we help you help your child navigate technology.
How we equip parents

📚 Schools
Looking for a proven, forward-thinking approach to social media education? We customize our workshops to fit your students' social media behaviors and your school's vision.
How we empower schools