Gail Marie
Gail Marie
Managing Editor
aka - Get ‘R Done Offense

Gail Marie ensures everything online — from TSI’s website and Social Locker Room to each tweet and post — meets the highest editorial standards. When it comes to words, Gail adds sass. Laura calls it “wit and spice and all things nice.”

Before joining The Social Institute as managing editor, she managed all content online for McKinney, including the ad agency’s website, social media platforms, and thought leadership. In February 2016, Gail and the agency’s director of social media, Laura Tierney (yep, that’s how it all started), co-created a weekly newsletter to help agencies around the nation keep up with social media. She wrote and directed each issue.

A former SXSW Interactive speaker, Gail enjoys talking about writing for digital spaces. Now she is on the advisory committee. She also enjoys talking on the airwaves: In 2015, she created a one-hour weekly radio program and iTunes podcast called “The Spine,” a show that explores the ways that reading changes us. From conducting interviews with award-winning writers to editing each episode’s audio and marketing the program online, “The Spine” has taught her a lot. About everything.

Though she began her professional life as an adjunct American literature professor, she learned that success would most likely come from a career outside the college classroom. After a decade of experimenting as a writer for nonprofit, accounting and technology companies, she found her niche in social media empowerment.

Then she moved to Maui. Aloha. 🌈🌴🌺 🐳🌴☀️  

Twitter: @gmariethatsme Instagram: @gmariethatsme LinkedIn: Gail Marie